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Full Moon Vibes

Hi peeps! If you didn’t look out your window last night or early this morning, it is this month’s full moon – the Sturgeon Moon. During the full moon, I like to partake in a couple of rituals. I like to cleanse my crystals and set them out on my windowsill to recharge with the moon’s energy all night. This is a ritual that I know most crystal and full moon lovers tend to maintain and enjoy. This is also my personal and spiritual practice. If you’re curious, I simply cleanse my crystals by placing them in clean water and laying them out to dry. But only those crystals that are okay to come into contact with water. Before sunset, I light Palo Santo, set my intentions and lay them out in the moonlight.

I have several crystals that I consider to have personal healing properties and ones I keep close by. For example, clear quartz assists with healing the mind and enhancing other crystals. It’s great to have quartz in your home to remove negative energy. Amethyst is used to relieve stress, sadness and anxiety. Selenite heals and opens blocked chakras. It is another wonderful crystal to release negativity. Rose quartz soothes anger and resentment in the heart and fosters empathy and forgiveness of others. Citrine opens intuition and attracts success and prosperity. There are many crystals out there and some that are incredibly rare. I invite you to take a tour among the crystals and see which ones call out to you.

Palo Santo is also known to be a powerful form of cleansing. It grows in South America and is also known as “holy wood.” It is used for smudging and is believed to have medicinal and therapeutic properties. It is part of my daily ritual. I ignite the stick and waft the smoke around the space I am in and often times, around myself. Its aroma is amazingly intoxicating.

Another aspect in my daily ritual is setting an intention. What defines an intention? An intention can be a goal, a positive phrase or word that you wish to guide you, or simply a dream. When I set an intention, it is typically the same each day if I am focusing on a particular goal. The objective is manifesting this particular intention and making it reality. I am a huge believer in manifesting dreams! Think about what Maya Angelou once said, “Ask for what you want and be prepared to get it.” We are capable of our own happiness.

I am sure a lot of you have heard that the full moon brings along waves of energy. We have the ability to harness this energy and use it to our advantage. It is important to remain calm and positive during this time. The full moon isn’t the only time to harness your dreams, but it certainly is a powerful time. Have a wonderful weekend!



Amor Paz Yoga

Video by JP Cordova and music by DJ Drez – Push It Up Instrumental

Welcome to Amor Paz Yoga. This is the beginning of our wonderful journey! The concept and ultimate goal of Amor Paz Yoga is to offer yoga and meditation to everyone. My classes will be held in the beautiful yoga studio at The Unity Studio in Los Ranchos, NM. I am grateful to have found a space that embodies respect and inclusivity, thus giving me the opportunity to provide an array of yoga classes to our community.

To begin, my name is Nydia Villezcas, and I am a New Mexico native. I grew up in the South Valley and come from deep Mexican roots. I grew up a very free spirited girl and nothing has changed. My parents gave me the independence to explore and travel the world and it opened my eyes to what life is really about and what gives me drive and happiness. “Mija, has lo que te hace feliz,” my mother would say. She gave me the freedom to express myself and when I pursued new goals, she would stick by my side and tell me to follow my heart. My heart has a special place for yoga.  

Yoga came into my life at the age of 19, while I was attending the University of New Mexico. I took a class with a friend and became a forever student immediately thereafter. I began taking classes around town and developed such a passion for it, that I could not see myself without a yoga practice. Yoga, a personal practice, comes into your life when you need it. I truly believe that. Months of bliss would go by and the moment the stress piled on, I remember rolling out my mat and sometimes simply sitting in silence. However, for the last seven years, I have maintained a daily practice. My daily practice doesn’t always include an hour or more of flow or arm balance practice. No. Some days consist of a 15-minute stretch sitting in bed, while my puppy shoves his toy into my lap to play. Each day is different, and I trust and respect my body to only practice what suits me that day.

I have been planning my yoga name and business since the inception of my yoga-teaching career, roughly six years ago. I dabbled with projects here and there, but did not commit to my dream, until now. Amor Paz Yoga is an all-encompassing yoga space. I want to reach people of all types of backgrounds and personalities. My classes primarily focus on healing the body and mind. This means that if you have never been to a yoga class or can’t touch your toes, this may very well be the best place to begin your yoga journey. If you are a forever student, like myself, this will be another great place to diversify your personal practice. I offer various options that will suit each person. Private classes are also available and are created based on the individual’s needs.

I consider myself your yoga guide. Guiding you consciously through meditation. Guiding you safely through asana. Guiding you through this journey with no attachments. I look forward to meeting you and sharing this space together. Peace.