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Class Descriptions

All Levels Yoga: All Levels Yoga is accessible and relaxing for everyone. You’ll be expertly guided through yoga postures and breathing techniques aligned with movement. Expect clear instruction and a comfortable pace for an all over feel-good experience. Relax and unwind in this class, perfect for all levels, from beginners to advanced yogis.

Gentle Yoga: In this peaceful yoga class you’ll be able to gently stretch tired muscles and move through traditional yoga postures at a relaxed pace. Set your worries aside with calming breathing techniques and soothing relaxation practices. You’re sure to leave the class relaxed and stress-free! No prior yoga experience is required. This class is suitable for all levels and is great for beginners.

Restorative Yoga (Deep Relaxation): Restorative yoga is a gentle, calming, deeply relaxing yoga practice that uses blankets, bolsters, and other props to support your body as it eases into relaxation and balance. Expect comfortable postures and peaceful music that will leave your body and mind fully relaxed.

Vinyasa Flow: Vinyasa flow synchronizes movement with breath. We’ll explore deeper variations of yoga postures and weave yoga philosophy into each class. Strengthen your body by sustaining more challenging postures and develop deep mental focus through meditation and breathing practices. This class is ideal for those with an existing yoga practice who are seeking new challenge.

Yin Yoga (Deep Stretch): This quiet, gentle yoga class is the perfect compliment to a busy week, a challenging fitness program, or if you just simply want to slow down. Yin yoga is both a physical and meditative practice. With longer holds than a flow yoga class, this practice helps us access the deeper tissues of the body while letting the mind rest and relax. Props like bolsters, blankets, and blocks are provided to make shapes accessible and comfortable. Because movement is minimal in this style of yoga, you can become cool, so socks are welcome.

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